What’s New at T-Shirt Review Blog?

You’re probably wondering where the hell I’ve been, eh? I’ve been doing a little work under the hood lately and wanted to give you all a heads-up on the new stuff here. Feel free to leave me your comments, I appreciate the input of course.

Changes in the header
Up at the top you might notice the tagline in the title graphic has changed from “So many shirts, so little time…” to “Find your next favorite shirt!” I made this change because I feel it’s a little bit more in line with what I’m trying to accomplish here. I want to help you find something that you’d love to wear, something you’ve just got to have.

The about and advertise links in the upper right are new as well. The old about link was tucked in the lower left corner of the header…many of you probably never knew it was there!

You can now advertise here
I had received some inquiries about advertising and realized I didn’t have a page to describe the options available. Click Advertise in the header to see your choices. An ad here is pretty cheap and reaches an incredibly targeted audience.

You can subscribe to tshirtreviewblog.com via email
At the top of the first sidebar you’ll notice an image you can click to subscribe to my RSS feed. I realize though that some of you don’t use (or prefer not to use) RSS newsreaders, and some of you might not know what RSS is. The link “Subscribe via email” gives you the opportunity to have each post delivered to your inbox like a newsletter.

I have some other improvements in mind, hopefully in February you’ll see those. That’s all for now, back to the shirts! I’ve got some awesome tees in the bank for you, so stay tuned!