The King is Dead

This fits in a little bit more of an abstract sort of category than I’m typically used to, but it’s a visually stunning shirt nonetheless and so I thought it worthy of a mention. If you can get over the idea that it’s a winged, frog-like cyclops on your chest and enjoy the colors and imaginitive fantasy-like design elements, that is. It’s certainly going to turn some heads, but I think it speaks more to your openmindedness than your penchant for winged, frog-like cyclops creatures.

This is from the people at Allmightys, and there are a number of really amazing shirts there. I’m bound to feature something else from them going forward. At 21 Euros, it isn’t cheap (a little over $30 USD) but it’s definitely an option.

In other news, the Travel Channel apparently reads this blog, since there was a long string of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations episodes on last night. Good television.