T-Shirt Link Tuesday 4/29/08

There have been a bunch of pretty schweet tees brought to my attention lately, so here’s a handful of them plus some extra stuff that cropped up around the shirtosphere in the last week.

Fantastic Bonanza designed the t-shirt for ROFLCon 2008 and had a booth set up. They’ve got some neat photos and a rundown of the conference. Well done!

Andy at Hide Your Arms posted a couple items that caught my eye. The first is a t-shirt giveaway at tenbills.com. Spend $30, tell them your favorite animal in the comments section and get a free t-shirt with your order. Supplies are limited, so check them out.

Hide Your Arms also featured a tee called Gasmasks from We Are Industry that sort of reminds me of Toxic by VanRockn (review, t-shirt). By remind, I mean they both have people in gasmasks. Pretty cool t-shirt.

Shirtlog posted another cool tee with a message. Vince Lombardi would be proud of this one.

Karl at tcritic posted some photos from Mission Indie Mart. That’s some t-shirt related goodness for sure. Check it out.

TeeLovers posted about another Helvetica shirt. You can check out the Graniph Helvetica shirt I wrote about a while back to compare. I’m starting to wonder how long before there’s a store full of nothing but typography tees!

tshirtreview.com (again, not to be confused with this site) posted a little rant about some of the latest tees at Threadless. I do have to admit I didn’t see anything too remarkable on the shirts he mentioned, but the people have spoken I suppose.

I Love Your T-shirt wrote about a few clothing lines that caught my eye. Their post on Ucon Acrobatics has some awesome photos to promote their new threads. I’m not terribly interested in the clothes themselves, but the pictures are definitely worth seeing. Here’s a taste:

I Love Your T-shirt also dropped a post yesterday about a new label called Bloodgold. They’ve got a handful of pretty neat designs, worth looking into.

T-Shirt Island posted about Urban Humanity, a nature-themed clothing label. Before you go all tree-hugger on me, check them out. They’ve actually got some pretty interesting designs that snagged my attention.

The Daily Tee featured this really neat shirt using text to build an image. It’s a pun, you remember “We Built This City (On Rock and Roll)” don’t you? There are the names of a bunch of classic rock and metal bands, and I think it’s executed well.

That’s all for this week big list o’ links, enjoy!