T-Shirt Link Tuesday 4/22/08

This is something I’d like to start doing weekly here, just to keep you posted on some of the other things going on in the t-shirt world. I don’t know if it’ll be Tuesday still when this post goes live, but it’s still Tuesday as I write this, so here we go.

Aris at addic[tee]d posted up a neat tee called The Ghost Ship

The Fat Seagull drew my attention to a t-shirt with a photo of a space monkey. Photos on t-shirts don’t usually look very good, but this one pulls it off. It’s new from N. Hoolywood.

Hide Your Arms dropped a post about Tasty Tees. They’ve got a really unique business model for a t-shirt company. Everything is limited edition and only available for sale for a certain period of time. Be sure to catch their current design by the 25th.

With all the awesome weather we’ve been having around here lately, I’m definitely in the mood for a tee with a message like the one Sjors posted on Shirtlog a few days ago.

Alex at The T-shirt Blog (not to be confused with this site) posted a string of PETA related shirts, taking both sides of what is always a dividing topic. I think animals taste great, so here are a few tees that made me smile. Nothing new design-wise though, oldies but goodies.

Yesterday, Karl at tcritic highlighted a new service from CNN where you can have select headlines printed on a tee. The shirts are printed at Spreadshirt, but it’s definitely a neat idea. Like he said, I’m TOTALLY waiting for The Onion to do something like this.

Colin at Troundup tipped me off to a 24 hour sale at BustedTees and a big DBH T-shirt giveaway from Gearcrave. More to come on the BustedTees sale tomorrow.

That’s all for now, otherwise it won’t be Tuesday anymore!