Steroids and Baseball T-Shirt

Here’s a shirt for the cynic in you. You didn’t have to read the Mitchell Report to know that steroids and baseball have been linked at the hip for years now. It seems like you can’t even compete nowadays without being juiced. Nevermind that though, I’ve got a shirt for you. A clear parody of the Yankees logo, this tee got a chuckle out of me and will show anyone what you think of baseball these days.

As with most of the shirts at Roadkill, it’s available in dozens of colors and styles. While variety is cool, it’d be nice to have an actual image of the shirt, rather than the faux graphics you see above layered over a photo of a blank shirt. The regular white tee flavor is available in sizes up to 5XL, so even those of you with curiously oversized biceps can wear it .

The steroids shirt is available from Roadkill Tshirts for $14.99.