After writing about Controlled Chaos I kept looking through the Design by Humans site and found a couple more shirts that caught my eye. I’ll post one today, and another tomorrow. The first is Revelations. Anyone who’s seen the way things are hung on my living room wall can tell you I’ve got a soft spot for symmetry. This is certainly a shirt I’d like for myself. The single print color helps to tone down a busy and detailed design.

It’s busy in a good way though. I like detail, and rather than mutiple elements competing for your attention, it’s instead one grand element with many places for your eye to go. It’s like artwork for your chest, really. When looking at anything like this, it really takes moment for your eye to move around and take it all in. Every time you see it, you may take something else away from it, and that’s something pretty remarkable for a tshirt.

Revelations is available from Design by Humans for $19.