New T-Shirts at Threadless

There are a handful of sweet new tees at Threadless, so I wanted to mention a couple that caught my eye. We know from Track and Field in school that you need to lean as you cross the finish line. The lean can make the difference between winning by a head or losing.

You don’t have to worry so much when you’re a giraffe, however. An Outstanding Win pits one rider on a giraffe against a handful of others on horses to cleverly show that it isn’t always the fastest one that wins.

An Outstanding Win is $20 at Threadless.

Every animal has its Achilles’ Heel, and that apparently includes balloon and origami creatures. In battle it is certainly wise to consider your opponent’s weaknesses, and this tee demonstrates that. So is this baby blue tee a lesson in warfare techniques or just a funny shirt with a couple crafty dogs?

You can pick up Dog Fight from Threadless for $17.

This is a reprint that’s back in stock this week. While metaphor tees are always fun, what really attracted me to this shirt was the level of detail. Your glass is always half full or half empty, but before you decide how you feel today, you might want to see what’s awaiting you on each side on the coin. The details are awesome, and it was done with very few colors. Really sweet.

Pessimistic or Optimistic? is $15 at Threadless.