New Stuff at

Thanks for your patience while I was working on things tonight. I wanted to give everyone a brief rundown of the new things here tonight. I haven’t made all the changes I’ve wanted to, and a few things are partially implemented, but I’ll continue to roll things out in stages. I’ve only got so many hours in a day!

Wordpress 2.5 Upgrade
I know I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I upgraded Wordpress to version 2.5. That doesn’t mean a whole lot from your perspective, but it gives me some neat tools under the hood to keep things truckin’ along here.

Find T-Shirts
This is a new section in the sidebar. currently, it will allow you to sort the t-shirt reviews by price. It’s really self-explanatory, and I think it’ll help you find not only shirts that you like, but shirts that are in your price range.

Related Posts
At the end of each post you’ll find a group of related posts. The related posts plugin actually reads and compares articles and doesn’t just rely on tags, keywords and the post title. The result? The posts listed are your best bet for a next move when you’ve finished a review, unless you want to buy the shirt of course!

Post Ratings
You can also rate each post 1-5 stars now. You can either rate my review or how you like the t-shirt, either one works. As always, if you really want to leave some feedback, that comment link is your best friend.

Ad Changes
The banner ads at the top and bottom of the page have been removed. They were sold through Project Wonderful (which is a great service) but you may have noticed they were not as targeted as they should be and were often unrelated to t-shirts. I’ve since replaced them with context-sensitive ads in the sidebar, so there’s more t-shirt goodness and less webcomic crap!

There’s a small handful of other tweaks as well, but that about covers it for tonight. Hopefully these changes will help you better enjoy the time you spend at T-Shirt Review Blog. Thanks again for reading!