More Guinness Shirts and Hats

A while back I wrote about a bunch of Guinness tees you could get at Just before St. Patrick’s Day I picked up these hat/shirt combo’s at Spencer’s Gifts for $10 each. The shirts came rolled inside the hat, with a large Guinness-branded rubber band holding the whole thing together. There was a sticker on the bill to show you what the shirt looked like.

You couldn’t mix and match which was sort of a bummer and the shirts aren’t top-notch, but especially for the price it’s hard to beat. I can’t remember which shirt came with which hat, but oh well. I haven’t been a big fan of trucker-style hats really, but I do like this one with the sewn-on clover and all. The black and brown hat is really good quality, and is probably the classiest beer-brand hat you’ll find anywhere.