Leo Regalis at Design By Humans

This was the shirt of the day at Design By Humans a few days ago, and it caught my eye. I know I’ve written about a few brown and tannish DBH tees before(Controlled Chaos and Revelations come to mind) but the print on this one sort of knocks my socks off. When you look closely there’s a number of different print patterns and colors used to suggest layers, and I really think it gives the tee a lot of depth.

It’s a bit like “spot the hidden picture” because at first I struggled to really be able to describe what was printed on the tee. I knew with a name like Leo there had to be a lion, but it escaped me for a few moments. The attention to detail in this design is really impressive.

There are a number of cool new tees at DBH in addition to this one, but this really stood out for me. Stop by and check them out.

Leo Regalis is $19 from Design By Humans.