It’s Guinness Time!

Neighborhoodies has a really unique idea for semi-custom shirts. They call them concept tees, which is pretty fitting actually (no pun intended). There’s essentially a series of dropdown menus, where you can choose from dozens of styles, animals, and colors. You can also choose something for your animal to say, but again, it’s all pre-defined in a dropdown menu.

It’s possible to come up with some pretty absurd combinations (like a chicken saying “moo”) even though it’s possible to choose the “correct” combination (like a cow saying “moo”). That aspect reminds me a little bit of mad libs. You all DO remember mad libs, right?

There are literally millions of combinations, and it’s actually fairly difficult to describe. You’d be best off to check it out. I think this is pretty neat because you still get a unique shirt without having to doctor something up yourself through CafePress or CustomInk or something.

Animal Farm shirts are $24.99 at Neighborhoodies.